In 2170, human population is constricted to live in flying city as the level of pollution and nuclear waste has reached levels which make it impossible for humanity to keep populating the earth. “Wonder Seekers” follows the adventure of two young hopeful souls: Polina and Brio, who run a robot repairmen shop they rent after the disappearing of Polina’s mother.

The strange duo of best friends are marvellous repairers and adventurer. Polina is a young inventive hard working girl and Brio is her wise and shy mutated parrot companion. They often leave the safety of their shop located in the flying city of Medusa to adventure the fascinating but dangerous outside world. It is here that they hunt for repairmen pieces between abandoned cities and stunning landscapes. In their adventures, they will find physical and logical obstacles which they will need to overcome with bravery and resolution, fighting dangerous beasts and using the environment in their favour to reach the pieces located in the most absurd places.