Don-Ay: Pet Land is an endless runner and virtual pet simulator where every action – playing or buying from the store – generates a donation in the real world!

I have worked both creatively and technically on Don-ay Pet Land, with the key challenge being to optimise all artistic assets and revamp them, ensuring the project runs smoothly on all supported devices.

Using Photoshop, Illustrator and Unity I produced concept art, visual development, and renders of Environments, User interface, props and enemies of the game.


Game Environments

Discover the various Dreamworlds

I created looping environments for the “endless run” part of the game, the dream world, and split them on different parallaxes to enhance the illusion of movement and depth of field. I made sure the effect would maintain the visual caracteristics of the initial concepts while being optimised and compressed for the target mobile devices.

Don-ay was designed to have two distinct art styles one to represent the “dream World” and one to represent the “daily care” (real world). The dream wolrd has a pittoresque feel to it while the daily care has a more simplistic style common to virtual pet simulators.

Prior to my arrival these two styles were colliding with eachother and I adapted myself to match both styles and developed them to make sure that the styles would still feel coherent to each other despite their many differences and offer an improved user experience.

Marketing and user interface


I developed the user interface of Don-Ay, I decided to go for a smooth, colourful  style. I always made sure to create interestinf and self explicatory illustrations to improve players’experience through the game visuals.